Bleacher Seating Rental Tips

We put together a list of tips to help you find what you need from the bleacher seating specialty company that's the best fit for you. These are things you can do to make things go smoothly and give yourself peace of mind by doing business with someone you can trust.

  1. Measure your rental seating area, taking care to notice any obstructions to the field of view.

  2. Make sure your rental seating area is level. While leveling kits can be provided for slightly uneven terrain, anything with a slope greater than 4 feet over 10 feet requires special scaffold bleachers.

  3. In preparation of installation, make sure your bleacher seating area is free of debris and obstructions before the installation team arrives on site.

  4. Contract as soon as possible. Bleacher seating for over 1,000 people calls for at least 30 days advance notice to assure timely delivery and installation. Bleacher seating for over 10,000 people calls for at least 90 days advance notice.

  5. Bleacher seating providers require a deposit. Regardless of who you choose for your bleacher seating needs, be sure to vet the provider. Asking how long they’ve been in the industry and even asking for references from events similar in size to your own are perfectly normal vetting questions. Make sure to verify the references.

  6. Ask for a copy of liability insurance and verify coverage. Claims can be filed years after your event and proper insurance will protect you from possible liability.

  7. Ask for an overview and section drawing for the bleacher seating to be used at your event and verify that the safety features of the bleachers provided meet your needs.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, these are some of the things folks sometimes skip over. We hope this helps you in your search for seating arrangements at your next event!