Assembly and Installation


$6.50 Per Net seat

$8.00 per net seat

8"/24" Rise/Run

$15.25 per net seat


Bleachers and Grandstands

Our customers usually want or require assembly and/or installation provided by the manufacturer. This insures manufacturers liability insurance is first in line, keeping the customer and owner protected.

Concrete Slabs for Wind Lift

We can quote you on concrete work!

New bleacher sales and installation are required by your local and state structural and safety codes to provide anchoring in case of severe storm or hurricane winds. When dealing with aluminum or galvanized steel angle frame bleachers, this is best accomplished with an on grade concrete slab.

  • Southeastern will provide the dimensional sizes of the slab needed for concrete anchoring on the sectional and plan drawings.
  • Southeastern can either work with your local concrete contractor or quote you directly on the slab for your needs.
  • Any quote Southeastern might give the customer, without a site visit, will exclude the removal or addition of dirt.

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